King Charles Is Ensuring the Line of Succession With Princess Charlotte’s New Title That Subtly Honors Queen Elizabeth II

It seems Princess Charlotte is making history with her new title.

After months of deliberation, King Charles appears to have decided to give Charlotte the title of Duchess of Edinburgh as she is intended to be third in line to the throne. To “honor the succession,” Charles has chosen to bestow the title of Charlotte, a subtle nod to the late Queen Elizabeth, who previously held that title from 1947 to 1952 before ascending the throne.

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A source told the Daily Mail: “Discussions are ongoing but the preferred outcome for the King is that this title should go to Princess Charlotte. It would be a fitting way of commemorating the Queen – who of course held the title Duchess of Edinburgh – and a way for His Majesty to honor the line of succession.”

As previously mentioned, Charlotte is third in line to the throne after her father, Prince William, and older brother, Prince George. Well, the history-making part is this: After her mother, Kate Middleton, became pregnant with her, the Windsor family changed the rules that girls have the same rights as boys. This means Charlotte’s position was not compromised when her younger brother was born, meaning she retained her place in the line of succession.

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But back to the title: the late Queen wasn’t the only one to hold this prestigious title. The title of Duchess of Edinburgh is one of the oldest in the royal family, having been bestowed on only four women in history. The first to be granted the title was Princess Augusta of Saxe-Gotha in the 18th century, followed by Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna of Russia. Then it was Queen Elizabeth and then Camila, who is now considered the Queen Consort.

And now Charlotte appears to be the fifth woman to receive that title. We’re sure her late great-grandmother would be proud!

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Queen Elizabeth the second

Queen Elizabeth the second

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