King Charles III takes it personal against Harry and Meghan in this shocking and expected way

TThe Netflix miniseries Harry & Meghan continues cause irritation in the British royal familywho insists on taking it personally what they see as “attacks” by the still Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

And according to different sources the one who took it most seriously is King Charles IIIwho decided to face the problem head-on.

Sources close to the king indicate that he has no plans to go before the British Parliament to demand that Prince Harry and Markle lose their titles of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and that he will not appear in the media to criticize the couple. He’s going to do something more crucial: cut ties with them.

He thinks what the Sussexes have done has gone too far

King Charles III will basically applies the law of ice to his son and his son’s wife. According to Buckingham sources They will no longer be invited to public or private family gatherings. So they will be separated this Christmas.

It has also been reported that the monarch will not ask her to accompany him on his traditional holiday to Scotland like Queen Elizabeth II did and to top it off, They will not be invited to William and Harry’s father’s coronation ceremony next year eitherwhich will take place on May 6, 2023.

The king’s grandchildren will also be affected

These decisions by King Charles III will also affect his grandchildren Archie and LilibethChildren of the Sussexes, as You are not welcome to attend the royal and religious celebrations.

British journalist Tom Bower claims it has come to this that Harry and Meghan are unlikely to set foot in London again.

“I can’t imagine them being welcome. I don’t think Harry will ever be welcome back in England. The Sussexes will most likely not be on the guest list for the coronation of King Charles III.”

“Charles hates confrontation, so in his first speech in a TV interview after the Queen’s death, he said, ‘Harry and Meghan, we send you our love.’ But you know, love was scorned.”

“Their attempt at reconciliation is an attempt to get them to change what they say to Netflix and the content of the book, and the reason is simply this Meghan strives for fame and fortune and doesn’t give a damn about the royal family,” he concluded.

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