This 4th Generation K-Pop Idol Has Already Completed His Military Requirements

He is only 18 years old!

Part of being a fan of K-pop boy bands is accepting that many of them have mandatory military service. All male Koreans are required to serve as active-duty soldiers or in the public service, provided they meet certain health requirements.

BTS’ J-Hope recently signed on.

The time span to be served is between 21 and 24 months, which means that fans don’t have to see their favorites for a longer period of time.

Therefore, it may be attractive to a member of a boy band if, like all required members, they have already completed their call-up period BTOB or OnlyOneOf‘S KB.

OnlyOneOfs KB | Naver

A member of the fourth-generation K-pop group shared that he’s already done his military service, even though he’s only 18!

On May 15, a new group was named The wind officially debuted with “Island”. The group is under “With”. US entertainmenta subtitle of All about US entertainerst, the agency founded afterwards TO MARK started by Cube entertainment.

Of the seven members of the group, six are Korean and one, thanatorcomes from Thailand.

The Wind | With US Entertainment
Thanator | With US Entertainment

During a group fan meeting after a music show, leader jaewon announced that Thanatorn had already completed his military service!

Men in Thailand are also required to serve, but with some key differences. For one, the service lasts two years, but the length of service may vary depending on whether one volunteers rather than enter the random lottery.

BamBam from GOT7 is waiting to enter the recruitment lottery.

As Jaewon explained, it appeared that Thanatorn had received training to suit his military requirements, so that he didn’t have to enter the random lottery at a later date!

It’s a bit like the fighting class Korea used to have. If you pass the course, you will be credited for the course and waived the benefit. So he knows how to use a gun and all. Basically, he is 19 years old (Korean age), but he has done his military service.


The oldest member of the group was born in 2004 and with only 94 members joining this year, the group will have a long time without promoting a recruit!

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