Stray Kids’ New Lightstick Seems To Have A Never-Before-Seen Feature That Some Fans Are A Little “Sad” About

Will you buy the new version?

When it comes to K-pop merchandise, one of the most important items next to albums is the lightstick. Glowsticks are a great way for fans to recognize each other “in the wild” and support their favorite groups at events.

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This importance is why fans get so excited when groups announce their first lightsticks or newer versions.

While some groups’ glowsticks draw attention because they look “suspiciously familiar.” BillieWhile the recently announced design was adopted by ATINY, others are doing it for less positive reasons, such as the security concerns ATINY had ATEEZThe latest lightstick design.

That was recently announced Stray Kids would release a new version of the lightstick originally released in 2019.

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Version one features a white handle and a translucent dome housing a red and silver compass.

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While fans love the design, many felt it was time for a revamped version ahead of possible Stray Kids performances this year.

On June 12th Stray Kids have shared the teaser of the new design on their social media accounts, including a short video detailing what the new glowstick would look like. At first, the new design was not too different from the original.

However, a new feature appears to be introduced in the short clip – an LED screen. The front of the lightstick features the same compass design, while the back features a black LED screen showing a pixelated version of members’ SKZOO animals.

Nothing like this has ever been done with a lightstick design, so many fans were excited about the new feature.

While this is a nice new feature, some fans were a little saddened by it as it is believed that due to the wiring for an LED screen, the glow stick can no longer be rotated or removed to place custom items.

The Broken Compass depicts stray kids making their own way to their dreams as explained in the song “Mixtape #4” (aka “Broken Compass”).

Even though the lightstick has stopped spinning, its meaning remains the same and continues to connect Stray Kids and STAYs. You can check out the preview video below!

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