OMEGA X’s Yechan Spotted With A Girl At A Club — He Also Flips Off A Camera

Fans support the star.

boy band OMEGA X was recently involved in a legal battle with her former agency, Spire Entertainment. It was found that her authority had abused her. Both parties finally agreed to terminate the exclusive contracts between the members and the company.

Just months after the case closed in May 2023, Member Yechan was spotted at a club. On June 11, 2023 an anonymous Twitter The account posted a few photos and a video of the sighting.

In the video, Yechan can be seen hugging a girl from behind and holding his face close to hers.

What a dirty personal life for an idol.
A dirty private life.

— @Sungwon1287927

The account continues to tag OMEGA X and Yechan in the hashtags. From the point of view of the video, it appears to have been shot from the girl’s point of view. Her face was also blurred.

A second set of media from the report showed Yechan with a girl. When he sees the camera, he turns it off.

| @sungwon12879278/twitter

It is unclear if the girl in the photos is the same girl in the video.

Amazing that he does PDA on the street. Amazing of him for his girlfriend on the street.

— @Sungwon1287927

The exact time and date when the photos and videos were taken were not disclosed. However, fans aren’t too upset as many are supportive of his possible relationship.

The video went viral on Twitter and currently has over a million views. Yechan, his representative, has yet to comment.

You can read more about OMEGA X’s past issues here.

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