BTS’s Suga Sends ARMY Into A Frenzy After Video Call Fansign

BTS’ Suga recently wrapped up the US leg of his solo factory tour and returned to South Korea on May 19, KST. The Asia leg starts in less than a month, but the rapper seems booked and busy in between.

The next day of his return to Korea, Suga held a “movie date” with 350 lucky ARMYs. He spent a lot of time with the fans and played some tracks from his latest album D DAYWatch music videos and answer questions.

After the event, he headed straight to his next appointment, where he interacted with more ARMYs on a fansign video call.

Suga was visibly excited about the event since its announcement as it was the first time he had experienced anything like this. The BTS members have never done video fan calls as a group, and Jimin was the first of them to do so for his solo album Face‘s promotion. Suga let fans know that he prepared diligently, taking notes from newer idols and keeping up with trends to fulfill fan desires.

Only 50 lucky fans got a chance to speak with Suga via video call, and some of them shared fun stories about their interaction. He finally got to pass the “I’m sorry I’m cute” challenge for a fan call.

But when another fan jumped on a newer trend and asked how he would react if all his fans turned into cockroaches, Suga was too stunned!

But nothing was prepared for how he greeted some of the callers right at the start of their conversation. A fan shared a video of Suga literally meowing.

Another fan missed the first time her phone rang. When she picked up the second time, Suga greeted her by saying, “You are late!

A third fan shared a video greeting her on the call, saying: “Jagiya” (Darling), causing the entire fandom to go insane.

The third clip was so deadly that the army could no longer take it calmly. It even landed on Twitter’s trending topic list.

With each passing day, society understands better why this legendary fangirl threatened to sue Suga at a fansign years ago. He is indeed a dangerous man.


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