Aespa’s Karina Changed Her Instagram Username 3 Times—Here’s What The Final One Means

It suits her perfectly!

Since then, more than two years have passed aespa made their debut and finally they finally opened personal Instagram accounts! Member carina has since had fans laughing at her indecisiveness about her username. She changed it tremendously three times over a period of several hours.

Karina | @aespa_official/Twitter

The first username she chose was @_ri__na____. It was full of underscores, which is possibly why she chose a different one.

The second was @rinaakarinaa_, also with an underscore at the end, which many fans were not happy about. It didn’t take long for her to decide to give it up!

Eventually she changed it to @katerinabluu.

It seems she’s really going to stick with it as she told fans emphatically: “final‘ after editing it – adding a period to emphasize her determination.

| @ujiminphoria/Twitter

Fans who saw the changes in real-time realized the “Spicy” singer must have been stressed by it, but also found her cute and adorable!

But what exactly could @katerinabluu mean? It seems to have two meanings. “Katarina” is her Catholic Christian name, which she recently used in an episode of ” Lee Youngji‘S My alcohol diary.

Bluu, on the other hand, could represent the color blue, which is her favorite color and one that is very close to her heart.

Without a doubt, it’s a great choice because it suits her so well!

Meanwhile, Karina continued to reveal My alcohol diary that she was bullied in elementary school. Find out why in the following article.

Karina von Aespa was teased in elementary school for a feature film for which she is now receiving high praise

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