A 4th-Gen K-Pop Idol’s Advice To A Fan Led Them To Become A Member Of The Same Group

BLACK SWAN recently made a comeback with their second single album, This karma. The group started 2020 with five members, but after a series of member departures, the group recently reintroduced itself with three new members alongside the original BLACKSWAN member and leader Fatou while leia continues to take a break to focus on her health.

BLACKSWAN’s NVee, Fatou, Gabi and Sriya | @blackswan___official/Instagram

In May 2022, members Gabi And Sriya were introduced as the newest members of the group, followed by NVee in December 2022.

In a recent interview with an Indian actress Sakshma SrivastavNVee revealed that Fatou personally helped her achieve her dream before she even auditioned.

BLACKSWAN’s Fatou (left) and NVee (right) |

NVee shared that she attended BLACKSWAN’s fan event and sent Fatou a message saying she wants to become a K-pop idol.

For the event, members sent back a video message in which BLACKSWAN leader encouraged and reassured NVee as long as they “believes in [herself] 1,000%“She was able to achieve her dream.”

NVee auditioned along with Gabi and Sriya but revealed she was not called back at the time. She returned a year later, passed the audition and began dreaming of meeting labelmate and role model Fatou, never imagining that she would become their future group member and leader.

NVee’s dream really came true and she quickly became friends with Fatou and her groupmates.

Check out NVee’s full recollection of the fateful moment in the video below!

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