Wicked: Part 1 release date is pushed back to a new holiday weekend

It looks like we will Mean just a touch too soon. That’s right, Evil: Part I hits theaters a few weeks earlier than expected. The highly anticipated movie musical was originally scheduled for release on December 25, 2024. However, Universal Pictures pushed the release date back to November 27, 2024, shifting it from a Christmas Day release to a Thanksgiving release.

This release date shift will surely allow the film to take full advantage of the holiday season, which usually brings with it a precipitous rise in box office showings. Evil: Part I was one of the most anticipated releases of recent years. The film is an adaptation of the Tony Award-winning musical phenomenon of the same name based on Gregory MaguireThe 1995 novel. The story is one of the most popular in recent memory and offers a new look at one of the most maligned women in cinema history: The Wicked Witch of the West.


The character became iconic through the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz. In the original film, the witch is the villain who pursues the innocent Dorothy with her gang of evil flying monkeys and battles the enchanting Glinda, the good witch. However, Mean turns this narrative on its head and follows Elphaba (the Wicked Witch) in her early life and friendship with Glinda. The Broadway musical adaptation premiered in 2003 and tells the story of their friendship through song.

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The musical has run continuously since its original premiere in 2003 and is a favorite among musical theater fans. A possible feature film adaptation has been discussed for years. However, the project only gained momentum in the late 2010s, and since then the project has been halted several times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This was announced in June 2022 Ariana Grande was cast to play Glinda, and Cynthia Erivo was cast to play Elphaba. New Oscar winner Michelle Yeoh was also cast as Madame Morrible, along with Jeff Goldblum who is expected to play the magician. The film is directed Jon M. Chuwho previously directed films such as Crazy rich Asians And in the heights. The film is produced by Mark Plattwho previously produced la la country, Bridge of SpiesAnd Trial against Chicago 7. David Stone also serves as the film’s producer.

Evil: Part I will hit theaters on November 27, 2024. And while the wait may seem grueling, it looks like we’ll soon (finally) get a glimpse of the long-awaited film adaptation. In the meantime, you can check everything we know Mean and check out our chat with Director Chu below.

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