Todd Haynes’ Gay Romance directed by Joaquin Phoenix is ​​rated NC-17

When it comes to presenting an honest story about humanity, you can always count on it Todd Haynes. The filmmaker already has his sights set on his next project, and in a recent interview with IndieWire he hinted at what audiences can expect when the story hits the big screen. Although Haynes’ latest film has not yet been released to the public, the director is excited to continue working on the production of the next film, which could potentially be more explicit than people are anticipating. Here’s what Todd Haynes had to say about the next project he’ll be working on that will be featured Joaquin Phoenix in a love story:

“The next film is a feature film, which is an original screenplay that I developed with Joaquin Phoenix based on some of the thoughts and ideas he brought to me. We basically co-wrote with him as a story writer. Me and Jon Raymond and Joaquin share responsibility for the story. And.” We’re hoping to start filming early next year. It’s a gay love story set in 1930’s LA.

Joaquin kept pushing me and said, “No, let’s move on. This is going to be an NC-17 movie.”

For now, those are all the details that have been announced about the untitled feature film, which is waiting to see Phoenix in a place it’s never been before and give it the opportunity to deliver another iconic performance that will see it in could be the focus of conversation during awards season. Todd Haynes likes to keep busy while developing multiple projects at different stages. While it may be a long time before more information is revealed about the next project, the few details that the filmmaker has shared are quite intriguing.

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The latest Hanes-directed film, currently premiering at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, is titled May December. As the title suggests, the film is about a huge age gap couple years after their controversial relationship hit the press. The two gain new attention when an actress shows up at her door while researching her story for the shooting of an upcoming movie about them. A star-studded cast was part of the project, including Natalie Portman And Julianne Moore. A release date for the feature outside of the festival has not yet been set.

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The Joker falls in love

On the other hand, Phoenix is ​​working on a project that will be very important for his career as he focuses on producing the sequel joker. By reprising his role as Arthur Fleck in the coming year Joker: slide for twothe actor will reprise a role that would have earned the Oscar for Best Actor. This time the Joker will not be alone Lady Gaga will portray his new lover Harley Quinn, with the pair poised to drive the unsuspecting people of Gotham City insane.

Watch Collider’s exclusive interview with Todd Haynes below:

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