The Super Mario Bros. Movie footage takes us on a tour of the Mushroom Kingdom

During the Game Awards 2022 we saw the first clip for The Super Mario Bros. Moviewho focused on it Keegan-Michael Key‘s Speech work like any toad in the mushroom kingdom. During the event, Illumination also released a new trailer for the film with new footage revealing how Luigi (voiced by Charlie Day) becomes Bowsers (voiced by JackBlack) hostage.

What’s The Super Mario Bros. Movie First Clip Revealed?

In the clip, a toad leads Mario (voiced by Chris Pratt) through the streets of the Mushroom Kingdom and bring him to Princes Peach’s (voiced by Anya Taylor Joy) Lock. In the clip we see many more references to it Super Mario Games including floating blocks and moving platforms that serve as transportation. There are also transparent pipes connecting different parts of the kingdom that the toads use to get around.


The clip also shows a group of Toads working to get coins by hitting yellow blocks. And when Toads rise from green warp tubes, we hear the same sound effect from the games. Finally, there’s an antique shop that sells a pixelated 1981’s gavel Donkey Kongthe first game with the mustachioed plumber.

super mario bros character poster toad
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Luigi and Mario are separated in the new trailer

The short Game Awards trailer shows Luigi and Mario being sucked in by a warp pipe while investigating their hometown’s sewers. After entering the warp tubes, the two are separated, with Mario going to the Mushroom Kingdom while Luigi is taken to the fiery wasteland of Bowser’s Kingdom. This accident seems to set the story in motion as Mario will train to become a hero to save his brother. The new trailer also features a new training montage where Mario jumps over Bullet Bills to hit a giant cardboard picture of Bowser.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is led by Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic from a script by Matt Foegel. The starred voice off The Super Mario Bros. Movie also includes KevinMichaelRichardson as kamek, Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong and Fred Armissen as Cranky Kong. Mario’s original voice actor, Karl Martinetalso has cameo appearances throughout the film.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Coming out of a warp tube and into theaters on April 7, 2023. Check out the new clip and trailer below.

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