‘The Portable Door’ gets release windows on MGM+

Magical adventure movie stars Christoph Waltz, Sam Neill, Miranda Otto and more.

MGM+ has announced that the upcoming fantasy adventure comedy film The portable door will be published exclusively on the platform. The film that stars sam neill, Patrick Gibson, Christoph Waltz, And Sophie Wildewill begin streaming on MGM+ in April.

The portable door Based on the seven-volume fantasy novel series of the same name Tom Holt. The film follows Paul Carpenter (Gibson) and Sophie Pettingel (Wilde), two interns who start working at a mysterious London company called JW Wells & Co. There, the two become increasingly aware that their employers are anything but conventional. As the film progresses, “charismatic villains Humphrey Wells (Waltz), the company’s CEO, and middle manager Dennis Tanner (Neill) disrupt the world of magic by blending modern corporate strategy with ancient magical practices, and discover Paul and Sophie.” the true agenda of the giant corporation.” Next to the four leads The portable door will also star Chris Pang, Rachel House, Jessica de Gouw, And Miranda Otto in indefinite roles.


development of The portable door was first announced in June 2021 along with the cast of Waltz and Neill. The production is a collaboration between The Jim Henson Company, Sky Production and Story Bridge Films. Lisa Henson serves as executive producer with The Jim Henson Company – her father’s namesake Chris Lyton. Additional executive producers include Arclight Films’ Gary HamiltonBrian BeckmanYingYe And Ryan Hamilton, next to Sky’s Julia Stuart And Laura Granges And Cailah Scobie And Shana Levin by Stan. Death Fellman produced alongside The Jim Henson Company of Story Bridge Blanca Lista.

Image via MGM+

The portable door is a charming young adult action-adventure fantasy with a British sensibility that makes an excellent addition to our curated film library,” he said Michael Wright, the head of MGM+. “With Sam Neill, Christoph Waltz, Patrick Gibson and his wonderful cast of excellent actors, we are delighted to bring this delightful film to our film lovers.”

This opinion was shared by Henson, who said: “There is no better home for this delightful and comedic adventure than the prestigious new MGM+. The portable door allowed us to create the kind of unforgettable, exhilarating world-building that The Jim Henson Company does best. The portable door is poised to be the next Henson fan favorite.”

Next to the portable door,MGM+, which was rebranded from EPIX after Amazon’s acquisition of parent company MGM, also streams a number of other high-profile films from its studio. This includes current MGM projects no time to die And House Gucci. An official April release date has not yet been announcedthe portable door,although. A trailer for the film can be seen below:

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