The new Fast X poster brings the gang back together

The end of the street begins. that maybe Fast Xthe tenth movie in the Fast & Furious saga, coming to the cinemas. The upcoming episode is set to usher in the “final chapters” of the franchise as it races toward its conclusion. A new poster was released in anticipation of the film’s release, mixing the new with the old.

As the Fast & Furious As the series evolved to include bigger and crazier action set pieces, it’s easy to forget where it all began. This brand new poster does a great job of reminding everyone. At the bottom of the poster we see four cars lined up with a crowd behind them, ready for a high-octane drag race, in a way that’s very reminiscent of the franchise’s roots. But the poster also celebrates the new. All the main characters, good and bad, tower over the drag scene. Like characters that are there from the start Vin Diesel‘s Dom Toretto and Michelle Rodriguez‘s Letty stand alongside newcomers like Jason Momoais the villainous Dante.


Fast X will see Dom and his family face their greatest challenge yet, the consequences of their own actions. Momoa’s Dante is a dangerous man who seeks revenge on Dom and everyone else involved in the death of his villain father Fast five. After spending years devising a plan, Dante is “determined to break up this family and destroy everything – and everyone – Dom loves, forever.” embark on a global mission that will take them from Rome to Antarctica.

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Fast X has an impressive cast

Beyond Diesel and Rodriguez, Fast X will see many cast members from previous films reprise their roles. Tyrese Gibson, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Nathalie Emmanuel, Jordan Brewster, Sung Kang, Jason Statham, John Cena, Scott Eastwood, Helen Mirren, And Charlize Theron Everyone returns to see the end of the road begin. Also, Momoa isn’t the only one joining the cast. Fast X will see too Brie Larson And Alan Richtson Join the good guys as members of the covert agency. In the meantime, Daniela Melchior joins as a street racer with a connection to Dom and Rita Moreno will play Doms Abuelita Toretto. Last, Leo Abelo Perry joins as Dom’s son and prime target of Dante’s grand plan.

Fast X was directed by The incredible Hulk director Louis Letterer from a screenplay written by Justin Lin And Dan Mazeau based on the characters originally created by Gary Scott Thompson. Lin has previously directed and written five installments in the franchise F9. The film’s producers include Neal H. MoritzDiesel Lin Jeff KirschbaumAnd Samantha Vincent with executive producers Joseph M. Caracciolo, Jr., David Cain, Chris Morgan, Amanda LewisAnd Markus Bombach.

Must see Fast X when it hits theaters on May 19. Check out the new poster and trailer for the film below:

Fast X Poster
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