The Black Demon trailer shows Josh Lucas protecting his family from a shark attack

The Black Demon, the upcoming shark movie that will probably be on every megalodon movie lover’s watch list, now has a trailer and it’s as stunning as it gets. The action thriller stars Josh Lucas (yellowstone) as an oilman named Paul Sturges. The film follows Paul on vacation with his family in a familiar coastal town that has soon turned into a ghost town and is home to a raging shark in its nearby waters. The trailer teases a suspenseful, spooky spectacle that’s sure to keep audiences in suspense.

As the trailer begins, we’ll be introduced to everyone who makes up the Sturges family – Paul, his wife and their two children. The happy family is in high spirits as they head off together on a fun vacation, or so they think. Their happy moment doesn’t last long as the trailer’s tone switches sharply with an eerie soundtrack that ushers in the film’s darker elements. Upon arriving in Bahia Negra, Paul and his family immediately realize that the city is nothing like it used to be. Paul continues to inspect an abandoned offshore oil rig and is later joined by the entire family. Unfortunately, things take a nightmarish turn when they learn of a man stranded on the oil rig of the bloodthirsty black demon lurking beneath.

“This isn’t just any shark, it’s a curse caused not by nature but by anger,” says Paul the man, who seems to suspect the shark is just fighting to protect its home from invasive human activity like the to protect against oil spills as it contaminates its natural habitat. “He will retaliate until a sacrifice is made,” the person adds, further suggesting that the only way to survive is to kill them. An intense quest for survival then begins as everyone on board fights for their precious lives. The black demon’s sheer strength and size is shown in a scene where he rips a boat to pieces, and the question is can anyone get out alive?

the black demon
Image via Highland Film Group

The Black Demon is based on a Mexican legend

From Highland Film Group and The Avenue Films, the action thriller is based on an ancient Mexican legend. The film deduces its history Carlos Cisco whereupon a screenplay was adapted by Boise Esquerra. Rambo: Last blood director Adrian Grunberg directed the film, which was shot in the Dominican Republic. The film appears alongside Lucas Fernanda Urrejola (Narcos: Mexico), Julio Cesar Cedillo (sicario), Jorge A Jimenez (machete kills), Hector Jimenez (Nacho Libre), Edgar Flores (Sin Nombre), And Carlos Solorzano (Blazing hot).

The black demon The release was originally scheduled for April 28th, but was brought forward by a week and is now hitting theaters nationwide on April 21st. Shark film lovers can look forward to another major genre entry in the near future The Meg 2: The Trench with Jason Statham should appear this summer.

Check out the trailer and synopsis The Black Demon under:

“Oilman Paul Sturge’s (Lucas) idyllic family vacation turns into a nightmare when they encounter a ferocious megalodon shark that will stop at nothing to protect its territory. Stranded and under constant attack, Paul and his family must somehow find a way to get his family back to shore alive before they strike again in this epic battle between man and nature.”

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