Rumor: Marvel’s ‘Blade’ Being Rewritten, Original Script Allegedly Ripped Off ‘Underworld’ And Was “Laughably Woke In A Particularly Distasteful Way”

Development on Disney’s upcoming introduction of Blade into the Marvel Cinematic Universe is going far worse than previously reported, according to a new rumor.

Source: Avengers Vol. 8 #10 “The Battle for the Right to Be Called…the Mightiest One on Earth” (2018), Marvel Comics. Words by Jason Aaron, Art by Andrea Sorrentino and Cory Petit.

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That last word on bladeThe cursed production of was first revealed to the public on November 4th, courtesy of noted Disney explorer Doomcock.

In a video uploaded to the DVD of his YouTube channel Overlord on November 4, he followed his usual disclaimer that he was “presenting [this information] just as an unconfirmed rumor and asking you to take it with a grain of salt,” Doomcock claimed, “to have learned the real reason [former director Bassam Tariq] leave production.”

Source: The REAL reason Blade was delayed: Director hated what they were going to do to Blade sources say!, Overlord DVD, YouTube

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Sharing information allegedly given to him by “sources claiming to be aware of the blade Production,” the YouTuber explained that Taqiq “quit out in frustration because the script was so bad.”

“Not only was it a rip off of an earlier film from another studio,” he added, “but it was also ridiculously woken up in a particularly obnoxious way.”

Source: Avengers Vol. 8 #45 “The King in the Blood” (2021), Marvel Comics. Words by Jason Aaron, art by Luca Maresca and David Curiel.

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Turning to his first source, Doomcock recalled that on October 19, this person informed him that “the script was really bad and to make matters worse, it stole the main plot underworld.”

“Blade had a daughter in the script, but for some reason she wasn’t a vampire,” the source said. “They wanted to explain it based on the mother and her birth.”

Source: Wolverine vs. Blade Special Vol. 1 #1 (2019), Marvel Comics. Words by Marc Guggenheim, art by Dave Wilkins and Travis Lanham.

“She worked with her father, Blade, mostly as an intelligence operative,” they continued. “Eventually Blade’s daughter was bitten. and that awakens her vampire powers.”

“She ends up being forced to bite Blade, which basically makes her a deity with unlimited power,” the source briefly summarized the film’s climax. “She wins and takes Blade’s place.”

Source: Blade Vol. 4 #1 “Splinter Group” (2006), Marvel Comics. Words by Marc Guggenheim, art by Howard Chaykin, Edgar Delgado and Rus Wooton.

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“Well apparently Tariq knew this script was a loser and did his best to change it before filming began,” the source continued. “[But] it all went to hell when Kevin Feige refused to change anything and so the director left the project.”

The Daywalker’s disastrous direction was also corroborated by Doomcock’s second source, who is said to have been “on the set” and allegedly could prove that she personally read the original script.

Source: Blade Vol. 4 #1 “Splinter Group” (2006), Marvel Comics. Words by Marc Guggenheim, art by Howard Chaykin, Edgar Delgado and Rus Wooton.

“Not only did he confirm most of what we were told,” the YouTuber said, “but the source said they would even add lycans, aka werewolves, to the mix.”

“Actually, that’s what bites Blade’s daughter in the beginning,” Doomcock noted. “As well as underworld.”

Source: Werewolf by Night (2022), Marvel Entertainment

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As for the film’s current status, source number two claimed that the entire production is “in limbo” as they “will rewrite the script and possibly postpone it until next year at least.”

“Don’t be surprised if more Marvel movies are delayed,” the source reportedly told Doomcock, alluding to the franchise’s noticeable and rapidly declining quality.

Source: Wolverine vs. Blade Special Vol. 1 #1 (2019), Marvel Comics. Words by Marc Guggenheim, art by Dave Wilkins and Travis Lanham.

To that end, the second source is said to have concluded their info dump by admitting that “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever gotta make over a billion.”

“If he doesn’t, get ready,” they concluded. “Heads will roll at Marvel.”

Source: Avengers Vol. 8 #12 “The Agents of Wakanda” (2019), Marvel Comics. Words by Jason Aaron, Art by Ed McGuinness, Cory SMith, Mark Morales, Karl Kesel, Scott Hanna, Erick Arciniega and Cory Petit.

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