Red, White & Royal Blue Pictures: Enemies become lovers

August is shaping up to be a royally good month as the adjustment of shows Red, White and Royal Blue finally makes its debut on Prime Video. Related to Casey McQuistionThe queer love story, the best-selling novel of the same name, is about Alex and Henry, rivals who soon fall in love. Ahead of the film’s release in August this year, Prime Video released a handful of new images from the film, first revealed by Glamour.

The new photos show the ensemble cast of the film, with the focus, of course, on Alex (Taylor Zakhar Perez) and Henry (Nicholas Galitzine). After seeing the two together on the official poster, the photos now offer a stronger look at them in their natural habitat, with one photo showing a quiet moment between them, free from prying eyes. Another features the iconic scene from McQuiston’s book, in which the two have an unfortunate (if kinda funny) run-in and eat a giant cake. The remaining photos give us our first glimpse of some of the other key figures, including Uma Thurman as Alex’s mother Ellen, Ellie Bamber as Henry’s sister Bea, Sarah Shahi as Zahra, Malcolm Atobrah as Percy, and Rachel Hilson as Nora.

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Like the photos Red, White and Royal Blue puts Alex and Henry center stage as their longtime rivalry grows into something much deeper. Life is going pretty well for Alex. His mother was just elected President of the United States, which means he’ll be able to show off his charisma well as the face of the younger generation of the White House. But Prince Heinrich, his rival across the pond, doesn’t make it easy for Alex, although the two behave cordially to protect their public image. Eventually, their rivalry fades and their fake friendship turns into a real relationship. However, Alex and Henry are forced to keep quiet so as not to ruin their families’ lives. Still, the two find a way to make things work (“History, Isn’t It?”).

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Who else was being worked on Red, white and royal blue?

Tony Award Winner Matthew Lopez makes his directorial debut with this feature film, based on an earlier draft by Ted Malawar. Lopez, McQuistion, Michael Riley McGrathAnd Michael S Constable executive producer. Greg Berlanti And Sarah Schechter produced by Berlanti/Schechter Films. In addition to the mentioned cast, the film also plays the leading role Stephen Fry, Aneesh Sheth, Sharon D Clarke, Thomas Flynn, Stephen Fry, Polo Morin, Clifton Collins Jr., Ahmed AlhajAnd Akshay Khanna.

Galitzine told Glamor about the film:

“It’s a really heartwarming story. Not many movies like this are made and I hope it’s important to the LGBTQ+ community because there needs to be more movies like this. I hope it resonates with everyone. I’m really touched.” Hear how the book spread and touched many people from all backgrounds. I hope our film can do the same because there’s a lot of love in it.”

Red, White and Royal Blue Premiered August 11 on Prime Video. Check out the new images below:

Image via Prime Video

Image via Prime Video

Image via Prime Video

Image via Prime Video

Image via Prime Video

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