‘Pulp Fiction’ gets a stunning limited edition pinball machine from the Chicago Gaming Company

pulp Fiction and Flipper, some collaborations just make sense—Quentin Tarantino himself even once commissioned a custom film-inspired machine for his home. Now the Chicago Gaming Company has announced that fans will be able to create their own beautiful and faithfully created pulp Fiction pinball machine.

The pulp Fiction Pinball is filled to the brim with details that will drive fans of the film crazy. The machine is adorned with artwork depicting characters and items from the film. It also has sculptures by Vincent Vega (John Travolta) and Jules Winnfield (Samuel L Jackson) plus a Cheese Royale and more! If that’s not enough to get you excited, the machine also features over 250 lines from the film by nineteen characters and five officially licensed songs from the film.

If that’s not enough to find out pulp Fiction The “Bad Mother Flipper Limited Edition” has even more to offer with fans inside. This edition of the machine comes with a different decal to give it a vintage look. In addition, the machine will have a topper recreating Travolta’s iconic scene and Uma Thurman Dancing at Jack Rabbit Slim, with pieces that move and glow.

Pulp Fiction Pinball Machine-9
Image via the Chicago Gaming Company

who did that pulp Fiction pinball?

The machine is perfect not only for fans of the film, but also for pinball fans. It was designed by the legendary pinball designer Markus Ritchie, who built the device to resemble a pinball machine you might find in an arcade in the 80s – the game even has its own movie coming out this week. On top of that, the machine is adorned with a “vintage-inspired art pack” by Scott Pikulski. In addition, the rules of the game were created by Josh Sharpe that’s “both intuitive and deep enough to captivate even the most experienced gamer.” pulp Fiction Developed in collaboration between Play Mechanix and the Chicago Gaming Company, the pinball machine features “original, proven Williams standard pinball mechanisms and highly reliable electronics from the Chicago Gaming Company”.

Something of this high quality with so much attention to detail is of course not available for free. There are three different versions of the machine. There is “Pulp Fiction – Special Edition” and “Pulp Fiction – Special Edition”. [DBV Ready]” Expenditure. Both cost $7,999 and come with a 12-month warranty on the electronics in the machine and a 6-month warranty on the mechanics. The Pulp Fiction – Bad Mother Pinball Limited Edition retails for $9,499 with a $1,000.00 deposit and comes with a 24-month warranty on the electronics within the machine and a 12-month warranty on the mechanics. Also, only 1,000 units of the Bad Mother Pinball Limited Edition will be made. So if you need something, you should act quickly.

More about the pulp Fiction Pinball is available in the game’s official announcement and rules manual. Check out pictures and video footage of the machine below.

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