‘Plan C’ trailer reveals the ongoing struggle for reproductive rights

In June 2022, the United States Supreme Court made an overwhelming decision, Roe v. Wade, dealing a devastating blow to those seeking safe and timely access to abortion-based healthcare. Since then, and even before, many people have worked tirelessly to ensure that those who can become pregnant have the option of terminating their pregnancy if they so choose. The filmmaker focuses on the struggles faced by these courageous lawyers, doctors and midwives Tracy Droz Tragos will tell the story of their heroic work in the upcoming documentary Plan C. Following the feature film’s reveal at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, the project is currently showing at SXSW and its trailer is making its way to future audiences today.


Our first look at Plan C introduces us to a group of women who refuse to be silenced. This group of activists felt after Roe v. Discouraged and heartbroken, Wade decided to stand up bigger than ever and help those in need by mailing the abortion pill website known as Plan C, which tells them how to pay for and receive the pills. The trailer ships out package after package, showing the staggering volume of orders being filled by those who support the title pill. Hear first-hand accounts, not only from those closest to the drug’s development and dissemination, but also from the people directly affected, Plan C will take audiences on an informative and emotional journey as the struggle for physical freedom rages on.

Involved in the practical discussions and the close combat are the women who created Plan C, Francine Coeytaux And Elisa Wells. The audience will also hear from the clinic manager and the author of Handbook for a Post-Roe America Robin MartinPhysician and Medical Director of Just The Pill dr amazonactivist Loretta J RossLawyer and journalist Carrie Baker, and many, many more who find themselves on the front lines of this important, high-stakes battle. A story close to her heart and passionate about, Plan C will be Tragos’ second documentary to focus on abortion with her Abortion: Stories Women Tell Premiered in 2016.

To bring the project even closer to the times, today’s trailer arrives just before Texas lays down its decision in a ruling against the abortion pill that could make obtaining two different drugs even more difficult. Check out the trailer and poster Plan C below and keep scrolling for the official synopsis of the film.

Plan C Poster
Image via SXSW

Here is the summary:

A determined group of blue state advocates, midwives and doctors have come together to increase access to abortion pills in the United States outside of a clinic setting, regardless of where you live. In 2014, Francine, a Los Angeles social scientist, and her partners launched Plan C to spread the word about how and where to buy abortion pills online. This is the story of this work between 2020 and Roe’s overthrow in 2022: the pipelines they built, the access they expanded, the criticisms they faced and the hope they held for the have future.

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