Pirates meet Kaiju in the new comic miniseries Godzilla: Here There Be Dragons [Exclusive]

Collider can exclusively reveal Godzilla: There are dragons here, a new IDW comic miniseries starring the king of the monsters himself. Written by Frank Tieri and illustrated by Inaki Mirandathe creative team behind DC Comics’ Old Lady Harley miniseries, There are dragons here will take fans back to the time when pirates roamed the seven seas.

In the 1500s, Europeans were just beginning to explore the seas, leading to the creation of great tales of fantastical creatures crushing boats with tentacles, claws and sharp teeth. Nowadays we know that all those mythical beasts drawn on ancient maps weren’t real. Or was it them? There are dragons here imagines that Godzilla and perhaps other Toho monsters crossed paths with explorers whose stories were erased from history. It’s an exciting take on the King of the Monsters story, especially for fans looking for new Godzilla stories while waiting for Legendary’s next MonsterVerse movie. And as Tieri explains, the setting couldn’t be better because:


“What could be cooler than a Godzilla story with pirates? There are dragons here is a lost voyage by Sir Francis Drake, told from the point of view of a crew member facing execution. The question is, is he telling the truth? Is there really a conspiracy to cover up what happened to Drake on this island and the existence of Godzilla? Or is this just another pirate’s tall tale? Avast, you Godzilla fans, and shut the hatches at your local comic book store!”

In her commentary on the miniseries’ release, Miranda also added:

godzilla is one of those uniquely historical creations that is part pop culture icon, part pure joy and entertainment, and also a metaphor for the way society self-harms when people are confronted with the raw power of our own fears and missteps. I’m sincerely grateful to Toho and IDW for having me on board to show Godzilla smashing ships and fighting Kaiju. Working with my buddy Frank is always a pleasure. I enjoy every scene he writes and plays with the old world myths. It’s a sure recipe for fun, discovery and intrigue!”

There are dragons here Isn’t the only Godzilla story in development

It’s definitely a good time to be a Godzilla fan. After the explosive reception of Godzilla vs Kongdirector Adam Wingard, and writers Terry Rossio are already working on a sequel. There’s also a Titans-focused miniseries in development by Apple TV+ with main cast Kurt Russell And Wyatt Russell. Outside of Legendary’s MonsterVerse, The King of the O’Onster continues to thrive across multiple mediums, with old animated series making a comeback and new installments of the classic Japanese franchise hitting theaters. Godzilla: There are dragons here is another exciting story about our favorite giant lizard, and we can’t wait to read the mini-series that Tieri and Miranda created for us.

The history of Godzilla: There are dragons here will be told in five issues and the first part of the miniseries will be available in comic book stores this June. Check out our interview with the cast of Godzilla: King of the Monsters under:

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