New DC Studios Boss James Gunn Addresses Calls to ‘Save’ Legends and Others, Teases ‘The New DCU’

DC Studios’ newly installed co-CEO James Gunn has heard your calls to save TVs Legends of Tomorrow#TheAyerCut from 2016 suicide squad film and other projects. But at the moment his and Peter Safran’s focus is on “The story continues, hammering out the new DCU.”

On November 1, filmmaker Gunn and longtime producing partner Safran officially assumed their new roles as Co-Chairmen and CEOs of DC Studios (formerly DC Films), where they will “oversee all creative direction of the iconic superhero franchise in film and television and animation under a new, unified banner.”

But just days after their new gig, DC Studios bosses were clamoring for some kind of TV revitalization somewhere Legends of Tomorrow and Batwomanalongside other unceremoniously canceled or sidelined DC projects.

in one Sunday afternoon thread, Gunn said he “opened up Twitter at the end of a long creative weekend to see the many tweets for #SaveLegendsofTomorrow and #ReleaseTheAyerCut and the fan support for other DC projects over the years.” Most of these requests were enthusiastic and respectful.

“As the new (and first-ever) CEOs of DC Studios,” he continued, “Peter and I think it’s important that we recognize you, the fans, and let you know that we share your diverse desires for the future of DC.” Listen.

“Although our ability to interact on Twitter has been reduced due to the workload of our new positions, we’re listening and open-minded as we embark on this journey,” Gunn told fans, “and will continue to be in the years to come.” few years do years.”

However, “For now, our focus is on developing the story, crafting the new DCU, and telling the greatest story of all time across multiple movies, TV shows, and animation projects,” Gunn explained. “We invite all DC fandoms from across the multiverse – and everyone else too – to this new universe. We can’t wait to reveal more.”

On April 29 of this year Legends of Tomorrow and Batwoman were among a number of shows to learn they would not be returning to The CW this TV season as the netlet prepares for a major restructuring under new ownership Nexstar. Since then, The Lightning and Nancy Drew have learned that they are entering final seasons as they are Riverdalewhile DC’s Stargirl will end after its current/third season.

Speaking about the need for the canceled film to close, then-CW boss Mark Pedowitz said in mid-May: “We didn’t know 100 percent what was going to happen, so we encouraged all of these producers to treat their finals like they could be.” series Final. We wanted to do the right thing with the series and from the fans. Ultimately, producers are custodians of their own creative vision; they are the storytellers.”

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