Mila Kunis opposite Michael Keaton in comedy film Goodrich

actress Mila Kunis was announced to play alongside Michael Keaton in the upcoming comedy Goodrich. The comedy film follows the life of art dealer Andy Goodrich (Keaton). Goodrich serves as Keaton’s return to the comedy scene after years of starring in dramatic works.

The upcoming film, which is due to start filming in Los Angeles in April, will star Kunis as Andy’s pregnant, grown-up daughter Grace. Kunis is no stranger to comedy – the actress played the lead role of Jackie Burkhart on the popular sitcom. That 70’s show when she was 15. Kunis also stars in the popular family Christmas comedy Bad mothers And bad moms 2. She is also known for voicing Meg on Emmy-winning series family Guy.


what is Goodrich Around?

Goodrich Set in contemporary Los Angeles during the vacations, Andy tells the story of Andy and the relationship he forms with his children as he reconciles life after separating from his wife. The film will follow Andy after his life is turned upside down when his younger second wife leaves him and threatens divorce while she checks herself into a 90-day rehab program. With the art dealer left to care for her 9-year-old twins, unprepared for the task of modern parenthood, Andy is forced to seek the help and support of his adult pregnant daughter from his first marriage, a move that will lead to the beginning of a better relationship between Andy and Grace.

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Keaton will be directing the film on the side Amy Pascal (Spider-Man: No way home, little women). writer-director Hallie Meyers-Shyerwho made her feature film debut with Reese Witherspoon-led rom-com Back home will write and direct. Jason cloth (Joker, Liquorice Pizza) And David Caplan‘s C2 Motion Picture Group will co-finance and produce the film Daniela Taplin Lundberg of Stay Gold features (Nanny, Harriet, the kids are fine) And kevin man (Together, together, sneakerheads).

Goodrich Filming begins in April. The release date is unknown for now, but earlier Goodrich is released, you can expect to see Keaton in his forthcoming role as the caped crusader, Batman, in the upcoming DC movie. The Lightningwhich is scheduled for June 16th. Kunis can also be seen starring and producing in her latest work, Netflix The happiest girl in the worlda film based on the book of the same name Jessica Knoll.

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