Martin Amis, author of The Zone of Interest, dies at 73

Martin Amis died at the age of 73. Amis was the author of The Zone of Interest, a recently filmed novel. The news comes just a day after the film’s title The Zone of Interest debuted at the Cannes Film Festival. The New York Times reported that Amis had died of esophageal cancer, and the news was confirmed by his wife. Isabel Fonseca.

Amis published 15 novels over the course of his career, many of which have been adapted for the screen. The latest of his works to be adapted for the screen was The Zone of Interestwhich was adapted from under the skin director Jonathan Glazer. Glazer is perhaps the perfect solution for the adaptation. His previous projects, including under the skin, have dealt intensively with uncomfortable topics. Both the novel and the film are about people living and working in Nazi-controlled Europe. The film follows a Nazi officer working at the infamous Auschwitz concentration camp.

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Recently, an image from the film was released, showing a scene of banal recreation. The image illustrated the impact of the film’s location as the project was filmed on location at Auschwitz. It depicts an idyllic scene involving a picnic and several people swimming in a lake, with mountains in the background, a scene that might seem pleasing outside of its context, but which is a chilling portrayal of the ordinary moments taking center stage to the incomprehensible horror.

The Zone of Interest
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A fulfilling life

Amis was born in 1949 in Oxford, England. He studied English at Oxford University and worked as a journalist for publications such as The TimesLondon And The new statesman. Next to The Zone of InterestAmis was the author of 14 other novels, including The London Trilogy, Money: A suicide note, The informationAnd night Train. his secret The night train was adapted into a film titled in 2018 Out of the bluewith the ever impressive Patricia Clarkson. Amis also published a memoir titled Experiencewhich he wrote in response to his father’s death in 1995.

In 1980, Amis accused the debut novelist Jacob Epstein plagiarizing several sections of his novel The Rachel Papers in his debut work Wild Oats. Epstein later admitted to having copied the Amis novel. Amis is survived by his wife Fonseca and their five children. The Zone of Interest At its world premiere yesterday in Cannes, the film received rave reviews and a six-minute standing ovation. A wider release date for the film has yet to be determined.

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