Marisa Tomei Stars as a Doctor Who Sees a Ghost in This Freaky Short

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horror platform To change first added horror short laboratory conditions for Halloween – but it’s so good we decided to share it anyway. Spiderman‘s Marisa Tomei Stars as a doctor whose search for a missing patient leads her to a discovery a unusual experiment being performed in a remote corner of her hospital.

Directed by Jocelyn Stamat and written by Terry Rossio, laboratory conditions also plays Minnie Driver (The Witcher: Origin of Blood) and Paolo Costanzo (The wide).

Horror Sci-Fi Short Film “Laboratory Conditions” | CHANGE | With Marisa Tomei and Minnie Driver

It’s a bit familiar, but still creepy; This cliffhanger is particularly effective. The big-name cast is also impressive, as Tomei brings many layers to her character – especially when she realizes she’s the only person in the room who can see her patient’s mind.

The official synopsis: “At a hospital late one night, a doctor discovers that one of her patients is missing and is believed to have died as he was not expected to survive the night. The doctor tracks the body to a nearby medical school, where students are in the middle of an illegal experiment. The doctor faces an ethical dilemma that pits her clinical judgment against the amoral ambitions of the head of the graduate school of neuroscience. Even if the doctor can save her patient, what about the next one? And the one after? At what point should human compassion prevail over scientific inquiry and the “need to know”?”

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