Luther Creator Reveals Big Change Netflix Has Demanded For Fallen Sun

Netflix admitted a streaming release Luther: The Fallen Sun On the 10th of March. The feature film continues to follow the crime-fighting journey of deranged sleuth John Luther (Idris Elba). Directed by Jaime Payne based on a screenplay by the franchise author Neil Cross, The film marks a continuation of the fan-favorite detective’s fieldwork after a successful multi-year run on the BBC series. Luther. However, as is the most common practice for startup Luther Episodes, beginning with a crime and a victim, are not unlike the feature film. However, writer Cross revealed that the film’s launch had been altered from its original vision.

As the film begins, the first victim we encounter is Callum Aldrich (James Bamford), a young man who was killed by multimillionaire serial killer David Robey (Andy Serkis). Speaking to The Independent, however, Cross points out that the first victim was captured as a woman in the initial script, until Netflix asked the writer to consider a review. “For reasons I fear interrogating too deeply, the female victims resonate and frighten more deeply,” reveals Cross. “So there was a defiant part of me in the first draft that was like, ‘Oh fuck it — the victim is going to be a woman because that’s scarier.'”


Luther had received criticism in the past because audiences perceived a skewed number of female victims in its episodes. In this case, Cross reveals that switching the first victim was a change the streamer wanted and ultimately accepted, which he sees fit in hindsight. “That was the one moment Netflix said, ‘Would you like to think about it a little bit?'” Cross said. “And I said, ‘Well, it’s going to be less scary.’ I worried that it might be. But actually they were right.” It certainly wasn’t any less scary and the death of Callum saw the introduction of DCI Odette Raine (Cynthia Erivo), who led the hunt for the killer.

Idris Elba is DCI John Luther in the tattoo shop/peep show in Luther: The Fallen Sun
Image via Netflix

While the transition from series to film stumbled at moments, the team eventually pulled it off, including filming in Piccadilly Circus. Looking back on the discussion of the first victim and the criticism the series has faced for its perceived imbalance, Cross notes that while he understands why people were uncomfortable, he defends himself for the show, stating that it is there were more male than female victims. “It has already been mentioned that people are uncomfortable with bullying women in Luther – not without reason,” he said. “But the strange thing is that if you do the math, there are many, many more male victims than women.”

Luther: The Fallen Sun can be streamed on Netflix.

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