Here’s How the Black Clover Movie Fits Into the Anime

black clover has finally returned its big anime with a brand new movie and the events of on Netflix Black Clover: Sorcerer King’s Sword fit right into the timeline of the TV anime series! Black Clover: Sorcerer King’s Sword (like many anime films) contains an original story that cannot be found in the events of Yuki Tabata’s original manga series, but the creator himself has overseen the new film project and created the designs for the new characters in the film. But even though it’s an original story, it fits perfectly into the canon of the whole without any real problems.

Black Clover: Sorcerer King’s Sword fits in “Black Clover”s timeline near the end of the TV anime but before the final battles seen in the final episodes of the TV anime. The new film ends with a glimpse into the future as Asta and the Magic Knights prepare for the next wave of battles against the Dark Triad, and falls far short of that point. Unfortunately, it means Asta and the others are fighting without some of the progress made during those fights and beyond, that means too black clover Anime fans can jump in Black Clover: Sorcerer King’s Sword without any real problems.

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Where does Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King fit into the timeline?

Black Clover: Sorcerer King’s Sword It begins with a new tournament called The Triumph, pitting the strongest knights in the Clover Kingdom against each other to see who is the closest to becoming the Wizard King. It is mentioned here that Asta is still in exile after the Devil’s Trial, meaning that this takes place after the elven reincarnation arc where Asta and Secre were tried and used as scapegoats for all the chaos that was going on against the elves . The TV anime didn’t end here (around Episode 120).

While there are nods to the type of abilities that Asta and the others later unlock during their battle against the Zogratis siblings in the final episodes of the anime, Black Clover: Sorcerer King’s Sword fits perfectly with the anime’s original footage, which we’ve also seen in the past few episodes. “Black Clover”Also, the Dark Triad’s final story arc begins long after the Dark Triad’s battles, so fans who are new to the anime can easily enjoy the battles in the film!

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