Guy Pearce and Diane Kruger join David Cronenberg’s The Shrouds

Production is now ramping up and is expected to begin on The veils, David Kronenberg‘s latest film, an exclusive report from Deadline has revealed that Guy Pearce will join Vincent Kassel-Main project next to it Diane Kruegerwho will be replaced Lea Seydouxpreviously associated with star.

While specific details of the film, such as the roles of Kruger and Pearce, remain under wraps, Cassel will reportedly play Karsh, a widower and businessman who develops a device capable of shrouding himself with the dead connect. Karsh uses his device in a sustainable business model and will soon create his own graveyard where customers can watch their loved ones decay in real time. However, when graves are destroyed, including that of his late wife, Karsh begins to investigate the motive for the crime, leading him to reevaluate.


With an intriguing and original premise at the heart of the film, The veils is already becoming a notable entry in the director’s extensive filmography. It remains unknown when audiences will be able to see the film, with no specific release window announced yet, but production is expected to begin on May 8th in Toronto. However, SBS International will distribute the film, along with Prospero Pictures’ Said Ben Said And Martin catwho previously worked with Cronenberg Maps to the Stars attached as producers in 2014. More details are likely to be announced when the film goes into production later this year.

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David Cronenberg’s career remains in full swing

Cronenberg’s career is widely recognized by fans for incorporating body horror elements into his films, with notable examples The fly, videodromeAnd scanner. Recently, Cronenberg has received additional critical acclaim with the release of crimes of the futuremain role Viggo Mortensen, last year which was praised by many for its themes and performances. If The veils Another critically acclaimed film from the director remains to be seen for now, but fans certainly won’t want to miss out on what will likely be another exciting project to keep an eye out for in the near future when it eventually releases in one becomes indefinite date.

As the film is still in the early stages of production, there is no official release date for The veils has yet to be revealed. Check out Collider’s interview with Cronenberg crimes of the future and why the audience should see it at home below.

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