Good Burger 2 Set Photos: The iconic restaurant is back

Perhaps there was no bigger news for millennials than the announcement that Paramount’s was ending production good burger 2, the long-awaited sequel to the iconic 1990s comedy good burger, was in progress. Now, a series of photos courtesy of CBR show a first look at the film’s upcoming restaurant.

The photos were taken by CBR on set Good burger 2 in North Providence, Rhode Island. They depict an abandoned Friendly’s restaurant that has been converted into the iconic home of the Good Burger. Although the sequel is set 26 years after the original, the restaurant set appears to have retained some of its 1990s charm, but has been updated to give it a more modern flair. The set is complete with graffiti of Good Burger and the famous Ed’s Sauce! on the windows, with stickers on the sides of the restaurant highlighting some of the menu offerings. However, CBR reported that the interior of the restaurant was empty, so it’s possible that more of this particular set will need to be built during the film’s production.

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While details on the film’s plot are still scant, Good burger 2 will once again play the leading role Kenan Thompson And Kel Mitchell in their iconic roles as Dex and Ed. A log line from the film states: “Dexter Reed is out of luck after another of his inventions failed. Ed welcomes Dex to Good Burger with open arms and gives him his old job back. With a new crew working at Good Burger, Dex hatches a plan to get back on his feet, but unfortunately again jeopardizes the fate of Good Burger.” No other cast members have been announced, but he will direct the film Phil Traill based on a screenplay by Kevin M. Kopelow And Heide Seifert. The writing couple are known for their collaborations with Thompson and Mitchell and also wrote the original film in 1997.

good burger 2-1
Image via CBR

The road to Good burger 2 It has taken a long time

Fans of the cult classic had been asking for a sequel good burger for decades, and both Thompson and Mitchell had repeatedly expressed interest in returning to the restaurant. However, for years there was little to no movement on the production front, despite persistent rumours Good burger 2 was in progress. The director of the original film and current CEO of Paramount, brian robbins, had even expressed an interest in an adaptation good burger as an animated series, but those plans eventually fell through.

The pressure was increased after Mitchell returned as Good Burger manager in the 2019 revival series All that, the show on which the initial good burger The sketch was created in the 1990s. After years of anticipation, Thompson and Mitchell announced in 2022 that they had started work on the sequel, and later announced so The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon continue this production Good burger 2 would begin in 2023 after Paramount officially gave the green light for the sequel. Although an exact date has not yet been announced, the studio plans to release it Good burger 2 on Paramount+ later this year.

The photos of good burger The set can be seen below:

good burger 2-1-1
Image via CBR

good burger 2-2
Image via CBR

good burger 2-3
Image via CBR

good burger 2-4
Image via CBR

good burger 2-5
Image via CBR

good burger 2-6
Image via CBR

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