Dianna Agron tries experimental treatments in the first “Clock” trailer

For some people, life without children is bliss. But for Diana Agronbecomes a nightmare in Hulu’s upcoming horror film Clock. In it, Agron’s character Ella enrolls in a clinical study designed to “fix” her biological clock. However, things quickly go south the further she gets into the process. Ahead of the film’s April 28 release, Hulu released the official trailer.

The trailer wastes no time in noting the pressures Ella is facing from all sides and introduces her first while her friends pose the questions as to why she doesn’t have or want children — despite wanting to have children. Despite her views on Ella’s choices, she seems pretty content with what she’s doing to live a fulfilling life. Everything takes on a darker tone, however, as the constant bombardment of the opinions of others weighs heavily on her and soon prompts her to continue the process. But as we all know by now, unsettling music – fittingly paired with a ticking clock – never bodes well, which Ella quickly discovers as her life takes some strange turns while her body begins to feel the effects.

Clock also goes beyond the surface and uses its genre to explore the negative effects that societal pressures can have on a person – and in this case, women. writer and director Alexis Jacknow told EW that creating a horror film is the right way to approach the subject. She explains that horror is “a really great genre to put out news-based material.” She adds that she “had to talk about female autonomy in a movie that’s going to be on Hulu because it’s a horror movie.” The commentary goes well with other similar horror movies themed around motherhood and pregnancy, such as: Huesera: The Bone Woman And Baby Ruby.

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who else is involved Clock?

In addition to Agron, the movie stars Melora Hardin (The office) as the physician leading the clinical study, Jay Ali (carnival series) as Ella’s husband and Saul Rubinek (unforgiven) as Ella’s father. It was developed by 20th Digital Studio, with Jenna Cavelle, David Werthen BrooksAnd Arbi Pedrosian as executive producers. Leal Niam acts as producer, with Alexander Hansen as co-producer. Clock marks Jacknow’s directorial debut. Before that, she directed short films such as The one who brought you and consequences of love daily.

Clock celebrates its world premiere on March 31st at the Overlook Film Festival. Streaming on Hulu begins April 28th. Watch the trailer below:

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