Daveed Digs joins Andrew Stanton’s “In the Blink of an Eye”.

David Diggs is on his way to an unusual adventure in the form of Andrew Stanton‘S In a moment. Accordingly diversity, the film will follow three storylines spanning thousands of years. Characters will have plenty of time to contemplate concepts such as hope, connection, and the cycle of life. searchlight images will be responsible for distributing the release, having been the production company behind award-winning hits like Guillermo del Toro‘S The shape of the water. Fear of existence or a peaceful, long existence could be at the center of this new story.

Stanton is best known for his career in animation, where he has been involved in several pixar‘s Unforgettable Hits. If you have ever been moved by the emotional plot of Find Nemo, then you already know the work of the filmmaker, because he was behind this film. That wasn’t the only time Stanton was charged with directing an iconic Pixar story, however, as in 2008 he returned to the studio to take the helm Wall-E. In a welcome change In a moment will be a live action film that will allow the director to further develop his skills in this medium after directing some of them stranger things episodes.


On the other hand, Daveed Diggs is a pretty versatile actor himself. Aside from maintaining an electric presence every time he appears on screen, the actor started his career in theater. He rose to new fame after being part of the original Broadway cast of Lin Manuel Miranda‘S Hamilton. Diggs’ performances as Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson can be seen in the pre-recorded version of the musical, which is available for streaming Disney+.

Digg’s hit TV series

Before he can star in Andrew Stanton’s latest film, Diggs is currently busy releasing the second season of blind spotting. In addition to starring as Collin Hoskins in the 2018 film of the same name, the actor is also producing the hit TV sequel. Jasmine Cephas-Joneswho worked with Digs on the original production of HamiltonShe also stars in the series as Ashley, a mother who is currently struggling to adjust to her life after her partner was sent to prison. A complicated but heartwarming family dynamic is at the heart of the show.

You can watch the trailer for the second season of blind spotting below before the show returns to Starz on April 14:

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