BlackBerry Trailer presents the crazy story of the rise and fall of the iconic smartphone brand

IFC Films unveiled the official trailer for blackberry, an upcoming docudrama retelling the story of the meteoric rise and fall of the iconic smartphone brand. With Jay Baruchel as a visionary engineer Mike Lazaridisthe film examines the guts of corporate business in America and shows how market pressures can lead to either innovation or total failure.

The trailer introduces us to Lazaridis and Douglas “Doug” Fregin (played by Matt Johnson), two friends who came up with the idea that would change the landscape of personal communication forever: to integrate an e-mail service into mobile phones. Unfortunately, what Lazaridis and Fregin had in raw brilliance, they lacked in marketing skills, dooming their groundbreaking product to obscurity. So Lazaridis decides to give a large part of his company to a seller Jim Balsillie (played by Glen Howerton), a cutthroat capitalist who unequivocally values ​​profit over quality.


Balsillie would help Lazaridis launch BlackBerry, the smartphone brand that would dominate the market before Apple and Google got into the mobile game. However, the rapid transformation of Lazaridis’ company into a multimillion-dollar monopoly would also affect the engineer’s personal relationships and displace the people who trusted him most. This is an insane story blackberry tells with a lot of humor, as the new trailer underlines, and turns a dark tale of greed into one of the best films of the year.

Bramble Glenn Howerton
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When is blackberry Are you coming to the theatre?

Related to Jacquie McNishs book Losing Signal: The Untold Story Behind BlackBerry’s Extraordinary Rise and Spectacular Fall, blackberry is directed by Matt Johnson from a screenplay he wrote with Matthew Muller. blackberry had its world premiere at this year’s Berlin Film Festival and received rave reviews from critics worldwide. while the subject blackberry It may sound like something only techies can appreciate, but Johnson and the entire cast did an excellent job of making a funny and tragic film that perfectly retells a complex true story without overwhelming the audience. So it’s definitely worth keeping this one on your radar.

blackberry also stars Cary Elweswho will be featured in the upcoming action movie Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning, Saul Rubyk (Hunter, true romance), rich summer (The devil wears Prada, Mad Men), Martin Donovan (Principle, big little lies), And Michael Ironside (Total recall, scanners).

blackberry hits theaters on May 12th. Check out the new trailer and synopsis of the film below.

Adapted from the bestseller loss of signal, blackberry tells the story of the spectacular rise and meteoric fall of the world’s first smartphone. A humorous yet unforgiving modern day tale about big business and the relentless need to stay on top.

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