Barry Allen meets Bruce Wayne in the first clip from The Flash

As The Lightning With the film fast approaching its release date, Warner Bros. is providing more information Andy Pussettiis the latest project, and today a familiar face returns to the DC Universe after decades of debuting. Thanks to fandangoViewers can get a first look at the launch of Michael KeatonExperience Batman in this new heroic story. The actor will reprise the role of Bruce Wayne after redefining the character in the films he has directed Tim Burton. His Batmobile and plane can be found in his Batcave as the caped Crusader comes out of retirement to save the planet once more.

In the clip are both versions of Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) have infiltrated the Batcave, and one of them clearly can’t contain his excitement at the Batman memorabilia on display everywhere. They are eventually interrupted by Batman himself, who explains that he will help them find Superman before leaving them alone. The second Barry to appear during the sequence appears to be the same character the audience has been following throughout DC Expanded UniverseHe accepts the mission better than his counterpart. Gotham’s greatest hero returns in an explosive fashion.

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Given the context in which they mention Barry’s search for Superman, the characters might be confused at this point in the film as the Scarlet Speedster needs to search for the Kryptonian he remembers from his timeline. However, in this new timeline, Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) is nowhere to be found. Instead, Flash has to deal with his cousin Kara Zor-El (Sasha Calle). Supergirl has never appeared in the franchise before, and her introduction will surprise the film’s protagonist as much as hopefully impress audiences.

Ezra Miller as Barry Allen in The Flash
Image via Warner Bros.

Why did Barry go back in time?

As explained in other versions of the character’s origin, Barry’s mother was murdered under mysterious circumstances. The lack of evidence and the context of the incident led police to believe Barry’s father had committed the crime. After his father’s arrest, it was clear that Barry had lost both his parents one night or another and wished for the rest of his life that there was something he could do to change that. As seen in the first trailer for the film, Barry argues with his version of Batman (Ben Affleck) the ability to use his new ability to travel through time to change his mother’s fate.

You can watch the first clip here The Lightning below before the film hits theaters on June 16th:

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