‘Bad Boys 4’: Vanessa Hudgens joins ‘Bad Boys For Life’

After the success of bad boys for lifeit was no surprise when this was announced Will Smith And Martin Lorenz would return for a fourth film. Now it has been revealed that they won’t be the only stars returning. That reports deadline Vanessa Hudgens will reprise her role from the third film for bad boys 4.

In bad boys for life Appearing in ways audiences have never seen, Hudgens breaks with her usual rom-com roles to be alongside Smith and Lawrence in the midst of gunfights. In the film, she plays Kelly, the weapons expert Advanced subway operations in Miami (AMMUNITION). Throughout the film, Kelly and the other members of AMMO help Mike (Smith) and Marcus (Lawrence) take down the bad guys. The plot of bad boys 4 is currently under wraps, but the third film ends up being titled Bad Boys, which is responsible for AMMO. So it only makes sense that Hudgens’ character is still hanging around to help out.

When audiences think of Hudgens, action movies like that Bad Boys Series don’t often come to my mind. She’s obviously best known for her breakout role on Disney’s high school musical Trilogy. She has also found success with Netflix, starring in several films for the streamer such as The princess counter And The Knight Before Christmas. But before bad boys for life She was already no stranger to action movies, having starred in films like sucker Punch And Polar. Her other major roles include tick tick… BOOM! And Spring breakers.

Tick ​​Tick Boom Vanessa Hudgens
Image via Netflix

Who makes Bad Boys 4?

bad boys 4 is led by the bad boys for life directing team from Adil El Arbi And Bilal Fallah from a script by Chris Bremer. Unfortunately, the couple Arbi and Fallah are best known as the directors of bat girl, which was notoriously canceled during post-production. However, they should be known bad boys for life, which was one of the last major blockbusters before the COVID lockdowns, grossing $426 million at the global box office. The pair have also directed several episodes Mrs Miracle, snowfalland the acclaimed film rebel.

In addition to starring in the film, Smith will also produce on the side Jerry Brueckheimer, Doug BelgradeAnd Chad Oman. Lawrence will also have dual roles as star and executive producer. Other executive producers on bad boys 4 will be James Lassiter, mike stenson, Barry WaldmanAnd Jon Mone.

Stay tuned to Collider for future updates bad boys 4. Watch an interview Collider did with Hudgens below:

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