Apple’s plans for more theatrical releases are boosting theatrical stocks

Tim cook want you to go to the cinema. At least, that’s the message he’s sending by announcing that Apple is targeting a $1 billion annual investment in theatrical films, with up to fifteen titles making their way to the big screen each year. The plan is part of a coordinated effort to increase brand visibility across Hollywood and convert new users to Apple TV+, the eventual destination for every film Apple premieres in theaters. The announcement alone has already rocked cinema stocks.

Following the announcement, Bloomberg reported that cinema stocks rallied quickly, with AMC up 4%, IMAX up 5% and Cinemark up 10% the biggest of all. It’s not hard to imagine that Apple will manage to get asses in seats as its original movies and TV series have had all-time fan favorites as shown Jennifer Aniston, Denzel Washington, Jason Momoaand the streamer even took the time to flirt with the future Willie Wonka Timothy Chalamet. So it’s only natural that investors’ attention has been drawn.


Apple already has huge titles coming to theaters

With promises that their films will be in theaters for at least a month, the movie industry is expected to flock to Apple. The reason is simple: a theatrical release suggests her work has the potential to reach larger audiences and make a bigger impact in business — and in her career. And the names associated with some of these projects are already big box office hits: Legendary Director Martin Scorsese works diligently on his thriller Killer of the Flower Moon with Leonardo DiCaprio at the top and Ridley Scott brings the historical epic to life Napoleon with none other than Oscar winners joker star Joaquin Phoenix.

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Theatrical releases are not a first for Apple

Apple is no stranger to cinema, having debuted its titles on the big screen in recent years. However, the company previously preferred a limited run, which felt more like ticking a box for its films to be eligible for awards season integration. That’s why some people got the chance to watch The Tragedy of Macbeth And KODA in a cinema. Now, however, Apple not only wants to be eligible, but also wants to make a name for itself and compete with other major studios.

The billion-dollar bill attached to the plan also suggests Apple will double down on marketing for its own films. Marketing campaigns make up a large part of a film’s post-production money and can cost almost as much as the film’s budget and sometimes even more. It involves making trailers, sending stars to different places to promote the title, holding press parties and many other things that add up to surprising amounts of money – it’s no coincidence that only big studios foot the bill, mainly for their biggest releases.

Recently Apple TV+ has combined limited release and streaming platform for sharpera thriller with Julianne Moore, Sebastian StanAnd Justice Smith. Given its many twists and turns, the film could very well become a standout film in theaters if it had a big enough marketing campaign. Hopefully, this billion-dollar plan from Apple will put the streamer’s steady stream of good movies on more people’s radar.

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