A24 is bringing Talking Heads’ Stop Making Sense back to cinemas

In full swing after their complete win at this year’s Oscars, A24 treats their loyal customers Everything everywhere at once fandom to something special. Today, the studio announced via a cheeky tweet that they will be bringing fans of talking heads A once in a lifetime Opportunity to see the band’s iconic concert film stop making sense On the big screen. As fans know, the band’s eccentric and legendary frontman David Byrn joined the Best Picture winner’s team while composing the original song “This Is a Life” on the side. son Lux And Mitski. The trio received an Oscar nomination for their work, marking Byrne’s second mention at the awards ceremony after winning Best Original Score in 1987 The Last Emperor.


For many of us born too late to see the iconic and formative band during our lifetime, a wild wild life (Talking Heads disbanded back in 1991), seeing this groundbreaking performance on the big screen is a must-see moment. The strip features Byrne alongside leading members Tina Weymouth, Jerry HarrisonAnd Chris Franz as well as Alex Weir, Lynn Mabry, Bernie WorrellAnd Edna Holt. unplug fans road to nowhere and at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood in 1983, the up-close show was filmed over three nights and includes classic tunes such as “Life During Wartime”, “Psycho Killer”, “Once in a Lifetime” and “Burning Down”. the house”. While we recently saw live performances like Elton-John‘s farewell concert the weekend‘S Live at SoFi Stadium find their way to streamers, The Talking Heads becomes an all-encompassing experience in a cinema setting.

The tweet shared by A24 is definitely the right place for any fan of the American utopia Creator as it features oversized suits, bike riding and moves only the acclaimed performer can pull off. In it, we see the singer-songwriter going to a dry cleaner’s and handing over his pickup slip. As he hands the worker the paper, he comments, “It’s been here for a while,” but luckily the boxy gray suit is right where he left it. Byrne bikes his suit home (obviously) and navigates the busy streets of New York before arriving safely and trying on his still-fitting suit. A quick clip of the band’s original performance cuts in before we pan back to today’s Byrne at his apartment, getting back on track as A24 announces the re-release of stop making sense.

Stop making sense image
Image via Cinecom Pictures

Controlled by Oscar winners Jonathan Demmewho would go on to direct other concert films, including Neil Young: Heart of Gold (2006) as well as blockbusters like silence of the Lambs And Philadelphia, stop making sense was the filmmaker’s debut concert film. After splitting up with The Talking Heads in 1991, Byrne found a job and continued his career in music through a solo career that expanded into the worlds of film and stage. Most recently, the performer made headlines with his musical experience David Byrne’s American Utopia which would earn him two Grammy nominations and a Tony Award win.

Check out A24’s promo teaser stop making sense Re-release below and catch the film at a cinema near you when it arrives later this year.

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