8 years later “Poltergeist” could be revived

Audiences will soon be able to relive all of their childhood nightmares.

It’s been almost a decade since audiences were last afflicted by the poltergeist Franchise. The classic horror series could soon make a chilling return, however, as Bloody Disgusting reports that Amazon plans to revitalize the franchise for a new generation of viewers following its acquisition of MGM.

“All these things are so in the air,” said one trusted entertainment writer Jeff Schneider on the Hot Mic podcast covered by Bloody Disgusting. “What do we have here at MGM, what are we going to do with it, and how are we going to do it?'” While no further details about the series’ revival were revealed, Sneider did reveal poltergeist was one of the biggest features of MGM that Amazon is prioritizing Steven Spielbergthe producer of the original film, who must probably be involved in the project.


Should Amazon successfully carry out the relaunch poltergeist franchise, it would follow a wave of horror revivals in recent years, the most notable example being Halloween in 2018, which served as a soft reboot to bring it back Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode. Other recent examples include The Exorcistwhich will be released later this year and will serve as a direct sequel to the original film Ellen Burstyn return attached. Should poltergeist follows, the franchise could make a triumphant return for fans now that horror is more popular than ever. However, only time will tell if Amazon decides to implement the decision.

Image via MGM/UA Entertainment Co.

The late directed Tobe Hopperthe original poltergeist was released in cinemas in 1982 and has remained an integral part of the genre to this day. The film’s success and popularity led to a full-fledged franchise with two more sequels, in addition to a multi-year TV spinoff series, which received negative reception. The franchise was paused until 2015 with the release of a remake of the same name, which ended with mixed results from critics and audiences, although it was a moderate success at the box office. It’s not yet known if the potential project will serve as a reboot or a direct sequel to the original series, or if it will be a television spinoff or full-length movie, but with a potential revival on the way, the franchise could finally step down into the limelight and bring the long-awaited new series to life.

With no project officially greenlit yet, an upcoming release date has yet to be determined. Watch the official trailer for the 4K Blu-ray release of the classic 1982 film below.

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