Women Talking Cast & Character Guide

women speak features a great cast to tell a powerful story. Written and directed by Sarah Polley, the film is adapted from the 2018 novel by Miriam Toews. women talk tells the devastating story of a group of women in the Mennonite community who, over the course of several years, were drugged and raped by a group of men in their community.

women speak was first announced in late 2020 and filmed in 2021 before debuting at this year’s Telluride Film Festival. The film received mostly positive reviews from critics, with particular praise for the cast. women speak has a star-studded cast including Frances McDormand, with each actress doing her best in a story that explores difficult issues.


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Rooney Mara as Ona

Rooney Mara women speak

Ona is one of the members of the Mennonite community who was raped by several men, resulting in pregnancy. She is a quiet woman who has a soft spot for August, her childhood friend. Ona is portrayed by Ronney Mara, best known for her roles in Carolnext to Cate Blanchett, The girl with the dragon tattoo, The social network, side effects, Pan, sheand Aren’t they bodies saints.

Claire Foy as Salome

claire foy women talk

Salome is a passionate woman in the Mennonite community who suffered alongside her friends. Salome meets with Ona and the others to decide what is the best course of action for the women to move forward. Salome is portrayed by Claire Foy, best known for her roles on Netflix The crownin which she played the younger Queen Elizabeth II, first man, my sonand the TV series Crossbones.

Jessie Buckley as Mariche

Jessie Buckley women talk

Mariche is a woman who was also sexually abused. She is a mother living in an abusive marriage who is incredibly angry at what happened to her and the other women in the community. Mariche is portrayed by Jessie Buckley, best known for her roles on Netflix The Lost DaughterHorror film directed by Alex Garland men, I’m thinking of ending thingsthe HBO series Chernobyl, Wild Roseand Fargoin which Buckley played Oraetta Mayflower.

Judith Ivey as Agata

Judith Ivey women speak

Agata is an elderly woman in the Mennonite community and, as a victim of the mass sexual assaults, is a member of the committee charged with deciding the consequences. Agata is portrayed by Judith Ivey, best known for her roles in flags of our fathersthe medical drama New Amsterdam, shape women, white collarand the TV series The random wolf.

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Ben Whishaw as August Epp

ben whishaw women talk

August Epp is a school teacher whose family left the Mennonite community for several years before returning. August is hopelessly in love with Ona and takes minutes during the deliberations of the women’s committee. August is portrayed by Ben Whishaw, who is best known for him cloud atlas, the lobster, Mary Poppins’ Returnthe James Bond films where he portrayed Q in films like no time to diethe TV series Fargo, suffragettesand for the voice of the character Paddington in the Gentle Bear films of the same name.

Women Talking Supporting Cast & Character Guide

frances mcdormand women talk-1

Frances McDormand as Scarface Janz – Scarface Janz is a member of the community opposed to women leaving the Mennonite community. Frances McDormand is best known for her roles in Three billboards outside of Ebbing, Missouri, Almost famousthe Wes Anderson film Moonrise Kingdom, The Tragedy of Macbethin which she played Lady Macbeth, north countrythe TV series state of graceand the romantic comedy Something must give.

Sheila McCarthy as Greta – Greta is also an elder who decides in the women’s committee if she should go. Sheila McCarthy is best known for her roles in die hard 2, The day after tomorrowthe Netflix series The Umbrella Academyand Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen.

Michelle McLeod as Mejal – Mejal is Greta’s niece and was also raped by the men in the Mennonite community and feels hurt that they lied to the women about it after confronting them. Michelle McLeod is best known for her roles in Don’t talk to Irene, my spyand honey bee.

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Kate Hallett as Autje – Autje is the daughter of Jessie Buckley’s character Mariche. women speak is Kate Hallett’s first feature film role.

Liv McNeil as Nietje – Nietje is Salome’s niece. women talk is also Liv McNeil’s first feature film role.

Emily Mitchell as Miep – Miep is the daughter of Salome. Emily Mitchell is known for her role in the TV series What we do in the shadows.

Kira Guloien as Anna – Anna is part of the assembled women who have to make a choice. Kira Guloien is best known for night screamsthe TV series Robyn Hoodand Murdoch mysteries.

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Shayla Brown as Helena – Helena is another member of the Mennonite community in women speak. Shayla Brown starred in the Apple TV+ series See.

August Winter as Melvin – Melvin is a transgender community member who was also traumatized by the sexual assault. August Winter is best known for her roles in the series Orphan Black: Echoes, Mary kills peopleand In between.

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