Off-Strip venue all-in on live entertainment

The venue is called Industrial Sound. The “industrial” has been achieved, with stage, lighting and seating.

Tangerine lights amplify the artificial smoke billowing from a nearby device and cast a glow on black-draped cocktail tables.

Now it’s time to put the “sound” to the test. Josh Abelson asks, “What would you like to hear?”

“That must be Rush,” I say. “Page 1 of ‘2112.’ Can you call that?”

The room soon fills with this rocking, righteous music, full and heartbreaking without piercing the ears.

They apparently took care of everything at Industrial Sound, the outbuilding formerly known as the Industrial Events Space, at 2330 South Industrial Road. The 10,000 square foot venue can accommodate 650 guests indoors and 2,500 guests outdoors in festival style.

The venue’s name has been changed to “Industrial Sound” to emphasize that sound quality is a high priority. The building was once a hybrid space, mixing private events and some public performances. But now all tickets are booked, starting with the raucous Vegas Country Band The Rhyolite Sound Friday at 7:30 p.m. (admission 6:30 p.m.). Tickets start at $35; Visit for more information.

The team is expecting around 500 spectators for the performance on Friday.

This is the first show in Industrial Sound’s country music series Far Out West. This evening offers more than just honky tonk tunes. Food trucks, exotic motorcycle and car shows, and specialty drinks are available (you can also get a tattoo at this one-stop party shop).

Abelson is co-owner and managing director of the venue. In 2017 he took over the business and rented out the premises for private events such as the 25th anniversary celebration of “Mystere”. Abelson had worked at a biotech company called Illumina in San Diego before taking on the challenge of live entertainment in Las Vegas.

This is a family business. Abelson’s wife, alexis marshallShe is a co-owner of the company and her family owns the building (it was formerly the Marshall Retail Group headquarters).

The structure is located in an infamous neighborhood in Las Vegas, just a few miles north of where Crazy Horse T00 once stood. The latest important news from the property was prompted by a fire in The Deuce building about 100 meters away. Those who heard about the fire initially thought it was industrial sound that burns.

Luckily no.

Upcoming live events will show the versatility of the space. Shows include “Re-Classified,” a 12-show classic series that advances the Halloween-themed production, “Saws and Strings,” featuring actors and a piano quartet. The concert series is the creation of Alexandria Le, concert pianist with the Las Vegas Philharmonic; And Emiliano Palumbo, former tenor soloist with the Sacramento Chamber Choir. A series of classic fusions and imaginative visual productions is promised.

Comedy performances, live DJs and themed music hybrid events are all possible at this venue.

“Fans will hear, see and feel music like never before, and we’re bringing an all-star lineup of artists from around the world,” says Abelson. “We will do concerts, small festivals, comedy shows and so on.”

Viva Perry

Fremont Street Experience has announced its new Katy PerryViva Vision show on the subject, premiere on Saturday evening. Perry himself is scheduled to perform. Perry braves the FSE late on a Saturday as the event is due to start at 11:30pm

On the subject of Fremont Street…

I visited the Carousel Bar at the Plaza and enjoyed $60 worth of entertainment thanks to Roarin’ Fours on one of the ONLY outdoor video poker machines in Las Vegas. The bar is a treat, there are fun mocktails (including my virgin Soggy & Sandy) and there are carousel horses. Obviously and nostalgically, the bar of the same name in the Circus Circus comes to mind.

The seats facing Fremont Street and across Main Street offer great people-watching opportunities. We’re already designing a carousel bar bingo card for this experience (costume of man in kiss, tourist carrying yard-long beverage container, Las Vegas mayoral candidate). This is Kats! The office is waiting for it to happen.

No laughing at this factory

GM of the laugh factory Harry Basil reports that someone believed to be homeless operated a fire hose over the Laugh Factory in the Tropicana on Sunday afternoon.

The episode played out about 30 minutes before the comic wizard Murray Sawchucks 4pm gig (so this guy made Murray’s show disappear).

The person, dressed in a t-shirt and underwear, made his way to the stairwell just outside the club’s green room, unscrewed the hose’s cap and released a stream directly above the club’s mezzanine ceiling.

“It came down,” Basil said. “It looked like a movie.”

The cleaning went quickly. The room plan is back in order, starting with the Monday performances at 8:30pm and 10:30pm.

Fantasy VIP option.

Long-running adult revue Fantasy in Luxor is offering a VIP package for $55 (excluding fees). Fans are taken on a behind-the-scenes video tour of the theater, receive a gift bag, and are invited to meet the cast. The shows are at 10:30pm every night, with an additional show at 8:00pm on Sundays. Guests must be at least 18 years old. No promises but I did a tentative tour a few weeks ago and stumbled upon it carrot top

Cool Hang Alert

Mike Jones Trio will be back at Maxan Jazz Sushi & Jazz on Saturday from 7pm to 10pm. This triumvirate is led by the master named “Jonesy,” who performs full-time as the pianist for Penn & Teller at the Rio; bassist Alex Frank and guitarist Graham Dechter. Awesome talent, cool vibe, located at 4130 South Decatur Blvd. No insurance coverage, but at least $40 F&B. Go to to reserve.

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