Las Vegas Strip producers wanted Cindy Williams back in show

Cindy Williams was known for her enduring role as Shirley Feeney on the prime-time hit TV show “Laverne & Shirley,” and for her breakthrough portrayal of teenage girl Laurie Henderson in the 1973 film American Graffiti.

But there was another role Williams enjoyed playing.


Williams, who died in LA on Monday at the age of 75, was cast in Harrah’s for three years in Menopause The Musical. She was never referred to by a name on the show, but audiences knew her as “Cindy.” William’s role was written specifically for her, outside of the usual script. The character needed neither an introduction nor an actual title.

Williams died in LA on Monday at the age of 75 after a short illness. But just last weekend, Las Vegas producers Alan and Kathy Glost talked about inviting Williams back into the “Menopause” cast. Williams was a recurring guest star from 2016 to 2018.

“Kathi and I just casually talked about it over the weekend, ‘Maybe it’s time to bring Cindy back, maybe I’ll text her on Monday,’ then we heard that,” Alan Glist said Monday. “She was a great addition to our show and she really loved the role. She always said it was one of her favorite roles.”

Alan Glist was last in touch with Williams on January 8 when she wished him a happy birthday.

“I’m stunned,” Glist said. “It seemed like everything was fine. She never said she was sick or anything. It’s just devastating news. One of the nicest, kindest and most humble people I’ve met in my life.”

That’s right. During COVID-19, when we masks were still the norm in public places, I met Williams at the Italian American Club. I had met her some time before, but a friend pulled me over to her and said, “You need to meet Shirley!”

I walked up to this person at the buffet and said, “Are you Shirley?”

She pulled down her mask and said, “It’s me! Cindy! But it happens all the time!”

MSG Sphere Chat Chat Chatter

Harry Styles’ Name has resurfaced as a possible headliner at The MSG Sphere. This, according to the US Sun tabloid, which was right, wrong and kinda right with its celebrity news forecast. Styles is certainly on everyone’s speculation list U2 as a headliner, given his capacity to fill arenas to capacity and the fact that he has never headlined a Vegas residency.

The site reports that Styles would charge a $49.5 million fee for Styles. The co-founder of A direction would join a roster of four to six residency headliners, playing two shows per weekend and 10 to 12 shows over six weekends. This is The MSG Sphere President format Luke Watson outlined at Preview Las Vegas last week.

Despite the reports, I categorize this as nonsense until more is revealed.

U2 is expected to open The Sphere this year (as it has around the world). The band has reportedly planned an opening for late September, but that’s not certain given the venue’s development. We expect to announce the band’s plans to go public by mid-March.

The Sphere’s official capacity was recently increased to 18,600, allowing for General Admission ticket holders. This was first mentioned by Watson, who happened to be standing at the time.

Moreno to the four

Frankie Moreno is now booked in three ticketed venues in Las Vegas, all off the Strip, and in another space known only by word of mouth.

Moreno plays at the South Point Showroom on Friday and Saturday nights at 7:30 p.m. He grabbed hotel owners Michael Gaughan’s Venue twice last weekend.

Meanwhile, Moreno’s next shows at Kaos at the Palms have been announced on March 23-24, April 20-21, May 18-19, June 15-16. These are all Thursday-Friday sets. Moreno has had heavy sales these nights, especially Thursdays, which his FM Army favors. They also prefer to carry large “FM Army” signs across the room.

And! Moreno returns to Myron’s at the Smith Center on February 21. His “speakeasy” shows at a restaurant up north continue on Thursday February 7th (his birthday show), February 11th and February 18th. will get the information.

Of this four-pack, Moreno says, “Kaos is our residence. The speakeasy is for hardcore fans. We love South Point, we’ve been there for four years and plan to continue playing there occasionally. And Myron’s, we have a streamlined show, more of a rock ‘n’ roll show, and we just gotta play there.”

Vohn opens

Kelly Vohns “Evolve” opened Sunday night on Notoriety Live. The incredibly versatile entertainer (from ‘Vegas Gone Country’ at the V Theater a few years ago) showed off her vocal and wardrobe skills. I think a total of six costume changes.

Vohnn was accompanied by a guest singer ChadwickJohnson and dancers Jeffrey DeBarathy (End of “Zombie Burlesque”, among many other projects) and Adam Barabas (“Extravaganza” at Bally’s-Horseshoe and Whitney Houston’s Hologram Extravaganza at Harrah’s).

The show was also presented aerial silk artist Yulia Trushina. air you say Yes, because that show was at the Renkus-Heinz-Theater, which has a high “bow tie” because it was originally one of the Galaxy Neonopolis 11 theaters. (Renkus-Heinz is in a naming partnership with the venue, so the sound is Renkus and fair too.)

Vohnn is back on Sunday with Rocker Michael Shapiroand February 12 with Rocker Harry Shahoian (Rockers abound in this format). Then Vohnn will explore options for the afterlife with the producer Jennifer Romas.

Whatever the outcome, it was gratifying to see a Vegas artist jump at the opportunity to do a show. There will be further developments at Notoriety, where holders Ken Henderson is open to entertainers with a vision to fill his galaxy (lowercase, intended).

Cool Hang Alert

The VegasVille production “Hitzville The Show” has moved out of the V Theater and is now performing at The Duomo at Rio. The next show is Monday, February at 6 p.m. Tickets start at $40 (or thereabouts) for this Motown-controlled production. For information, go to and see the options.

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