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About a year and a half ago, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines swapped rental car partners, leaving Delta with Hertz and United with Avis. Now Delta and Hertz have further expanded their partnership.

As part of the second phase of the partnership, all elite SkyMiles Medallion members are eligible for Hertz Gold Plus Rewards status and there is a new structure for earning miles.

Today we outline the changes and show you how you can earn additional SkyMiles on your next rental.

A new state match


Previously, mid-tier Gold Medallion Elite Members could achieve Hertz Five Star status, while higher-ranking Platinum Medallion and Diamond Medallion Elite Members could achieve Hertz President’s Circle status. Silver Medallion Elites were not eligible for Hertz status.

But that changes today. Now entry-level Silver Medallion Elite Members can also achieve Hertz Five-Star status. There were no changes to Gold, Platinum, or Diamond Medallion status matches.

This gives Silver Medallions access to modest perks at Hertz, such as a 25% bonus to earning points, vehicle upgrades with space available, and a larger selection of cars at Ultimate Choice. Five-star status typically requires 10 rentals or $2,000 in spend at Hertz in a given calendar year to be earned.

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A new structure for earning miles

Hertz rentals booked directly with Hertz, on, or through the Travel with Delta portal previously earned 500 SkyMiles per rental, regardless of the cost of the rental. In addition, Medallion Elite Members received an increased earning rate of up to 1,250 miles per rental based on their Elite level.

Now Delta will credit miles from the price of your rental (before taxes and fees):

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  • SkyMiles Members: 4 miles per dollar.
  • Silver Medallion Members: 5 miles per dollar.
  • Gold Medallion Members: 6 miles per dollar.
  • Platinum Medallion Members: 7 miles per dollar.
  • Diamond Medallion Members: 8 miles per dollar.

As a non-Delta member, I did a test search on the Travel with Delta portal. With a $68 per day Hertz rental, I was able to earn 272 SkyMiles (worth $3.84 according to the latest TPG ratings). Meanwhile, a Diamond Medallion would earn 544 SkyMiles from the same rental.


This is a mixed bag for Delta frequent flyers who rent with Hertz.

In the past, the same $68 rental earned 500 SkyMiles for non-Elite status or up to 1,250 SkyMiles with Diamond Medallion status. At the same time, those who rent expensive cars or rent for longer periods will do better under the new earnings structure.

For example, if you rented the same car for 14 days for $68 (for a total of $952 before tax), you would earn 7,616 SkyMiles as a Diamond Medallion. In the past, you’ve only earned 1,250 SkyMiles regardless of how long or how much you paid for your rental.

Note that if you elect to earn SkyMiles (or any flight currency) on your Hertz rental, even if you book directly through Hertz, you will not earn Hertz Gold Rewards points. Always run the numbers and see which offer is better before choosing the points you earn for your rental.

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Linking Your Accounts

According to Delta’s website, earning SkyMiles for Hertz rentals is a three-step process:

  1. Enter your Hertz Gold Plus Rewards number in the Car Loyalty Programs section of the Hotel & Car Settings page. If you are not already a Hertz Gold Plus Rewards member, follow the Sign Up Now link on the page to complete signup.
  2. Click Save Changes”.
  3. (Medallion Elite Members only) Follow the opt-in link to enter your Delta SkyMiles number for verification and opt-in to receive your benefit.

Once you are logged into your SkyMiles account, navigate to My Profile and select Other Loyalty Programs.


Under Auto Loyalty Programs, add your Hertz Gold Plus Rewards number and select Save.


Again, Medallion Elite Members can navigate to this page to register for Hertz Status.


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bottom line

Hertz and Delta have expanded their partnership. Silver Medallion Members can now enroll in Hertz Five-Star status, and when you book a rental with Hertz directly or through Delta, you’ll earn SkyMiles off the base price of your rental.

As mentioned, the new income structure is good for those who rent for long periods and for those who rent expensive cars. At the same time, it’s a downside for those booking cheap rental cars, as no matter how much your Hertz rental costs, you no longer earn a set number of miles.

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