4 Exercises to try at home for a quick full body workout

Gym machines are fantastic for strength training while adding cardio to get in shape, but sometimes access to such machines isn’t possible. Fear not, fitness expert Hannah Bower has some great exercises you can try at home for a quick total body workout. She recommends doing this at home to tone your muscles and keep you strong. Your Instagram has the best ideas for replacing expensive gym equipment or doing exercises with kids. Check out four of her best at-home workout routines.

stretching exercises for the back©@hannahbower2
Your furniture can serve as fitness equipment!

back stretches: You need a chair, bed or other piece of furniture to replace the extension machine. You should place your heels against the wall or sofa and lean on the furniture of your choice as in the photo above, legs should be supported from thigh to pelvis. Contract your stomach and, keeping your spine completely straight, gently rise and fall and connect the movement to your breath. Don’t try to lower yourself too far and be careful with jerky movements.

Weighted squats: You need elastic bands like those used in gyms or physical therapy. They’re a great way to replace the barbell. You can use different voltages to change things up. Place both feet on it – either wide or narrow, depending on what type of challenge you prefer – and drape the other end over your shoulders. Do gentle squats to build your strength.

Exercising with a towel at home©@hannahbower2
A towel can also be used to smack in place of medicine balls

Stretches and squats with a towel: This is an awesome hack to replace the medicine ball. Stand with your feet hip-width apart and hold the towel over your head with both hands. Then squat down while slamming the towel on the floor. Your stomach should be tight, and while the movement should be quick, make sure you move gently and deliberately.

Woman trains legs with elastic band©i¡Stock
Bands are a great substitute for the leg press at the gym

leg press. This is one of the most common exercises people do in the gym to strengthen their lower body, and once again, the best way to do them at home is by using elastic bands. You can hook one end under a piece of furniture and steady it with your hands while the other end goes around your feet. Stretch and bend your legs to feel the resistance and work your core muscles as well.

Remember to warm up for at least five minutes before doing any type of exercise routine and stretch for about three minutes at the end. Enjoy your home gym!

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